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  1. What is the delivery charge?

    • Mini Buffet:                $40.00 ($42.80 w/ GST)*
    • Regular Buffet:          $60.00 ($64.20 w/ GST)*

    *Delivery fee is waived for buffet orders of $1,000 and above (excluding side orders, delivery charges and any other additional charges).
    *An additional $10 delivery charge is applicable for delivery to offshore areas (Sentosa and Jurong Island) and Central Business District (CBD). Please refer to the first 2 digits of the postal code: Robinson – 01, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08; Marina Square – 03, 17; Orchard 22, 23; Bras Basah 18, 19.
    *Prices are subjected to prevailing GST charges.

  2. Do you deliver on Public Holidays?

    Yes, we deliver every day.

  3. What is your earliest delivery time?

    The earliest delivery time for both regular buffet and mini buffet is 8.30am.


  1. Is Best Catering halal?

    No, Best Catering is not halal certified. You may refer to our sister company, Deli Hub Catering for halal certified menu.

  2. How many days in advance do I need to place an order?

    Orders have to be placed 3 days in advance.

  3. Can I make any last minute changes to my order?

    Any changes must be made 2 working days prior to event date.

  4. Can I cancel my order after payment has been made?

    Yes, an administrative charge of $30 will be imposed.

  5. Will there be any additional charges if I were to cancel my order last minute?

    • 50% of the total bill will be chargeable if cancellation of order is made 1 working day prior to event date
    • 100% of the total bill will be chargeable if cancellation of order is made on the event date
  6. How can I make payment?

    • Payment can be made via cash or cheque upon delivery
    • Credit card payment is to be made 2 working days prior to the event
  7. Can I do self-collection?

    Yes. Self-collection is available at 5 Enterprise Road, Singapore 629817

  8. How can I place order?

    You can place order via:

    Telephone: 6261 1011
    Fax: 6261 9887
    Online: Order Here


    Operating Hours

    Mon to Thu:         09:00 to 19:00
    Fri to Sun:            09:00 to 18:00



  1. What is regular buffet?

    • Regular buffet is recommended for 25pax and above
    • Regular buffet will include a full table set-up with warmers and skirting
  2. Can I extend the collection time for my buffet?

    Yes, extension of collection time (maximum 1 hour) is available. A surcharge of $10.00 will be applicable.

    *Extension of collection time is not advisable as food is best consumed within 4 hours as advised by NEA.

  3. What is the time for collection of the buffet?

    Collection of buffet will be 4 hours from time of delivery or 10.30pm whichever is earlier.

    *A surcharge of $50.00 is applicable for collection after 10.30pm or the following day.

  4. What is the rental cost for tables and stools?*

    • Stools:              $0.70/pc
    • PVC Chairs:      $2.00/pc
    • Tables:               $10.00/ pc

      • Each table is 4ft x 2.5ft and can fit 6 persons

    *Prices are subjected to prevailing GST charges

  5. Do you provide any decorations for a birthday party?

    No, decorations for birthday party are not provided.
    However, our sister company, Neo Garden Catering do provide thematic set-up service.

  6. Do you provide takeaway boxes/containers?

    No, we do not provide takeaway boxes/containers for leftover food. For quality and safe consumption, food should not be kept in room temperature for more than 4 hours from the time it is cooked at the caterer’s kitchen to the time it is consumed as advised by NEA.

  7. What is the portion of the food provided like?

    We pride ourselves for using only quality ingredients and our servings cater to the exact no. of guests based on your order. As good food runs out fast, we encourage you to order an extra 10% to act as a buffer for your guests.

  8. The dish that I wanted is not available in the menu package, can I change to another dish in another package?

    Yes, you can change a maximum of 3 dishes of the same or lower price range can be exchanged.
    If the exchanged dish is of a higher value, a surcharge of the balance of the dish price will be imposed.

  9. What is the colour of the table skirting for regular buffet?

    The colour of the table skirting is maroon red.
    For funerals, white table skirting will be provided.



  1. What is Mini Buffet?

    • Mini Buffet is recommended for small group gathering of 10 – 15pax
    • Food will be served in disposable microwavable containers
    • Tables and warmers will not be provided
  2. Is there any collection for Mini Buffet?

    No, there is no collection for Mini Buffet as no tables and warmers are provided.



  1. I would like to know the usual dishes served, do you have a menu for me to view?

    We do not serve beef and mutton dishes in our menu and it changes every week, you may click here to view a sample of our menu.

  2. What is the price of your Home Meal Delivery Service?

    • 20 Days Contract – $225 (w/GST $240.75) for 2 servings
    • 16 Days Contract – $200 (w/GST $214.00) for 2 servings
    • 10 Days Trial Contract – $121 (w/GST $129.47) for 2 servings
  3. Will I be having the same dishes if I am to order for both lunch and dinner?


  4. If I do not want to have soup, can I change it to a dish?

    Yes, we have 2 options available for 20 Days and 16 Days Contract.

    • 3 Dishes + 1 Soup
    • 4 Dishes
  5. Is rice provided?

    No, steamed rice is not provided.

  6. How much will it be if I want rice?

    White Rice

    • $6 (w/GST $6.42) per 1 pax serving for 10 Days Trial Contract
    • $12 (w/GST $12.84) per 1 pax serving for 20 Days Contract/ 16 Days Contract

    Brown Rice

    • $10 (w/GST $10.70) per 1 pax serving for 10 Days Trial Contract
    • $20 (w/GST $21.40) per 1 pax serving for 20 Days Contract/ 16 Days Contract

    *Side order of steamed rice will not be serve on Wednesday Combo Special unless customer had requested for “No Combo Special” preference setting

  7. What is Wednesday Combo Special?

    Combo Special refers to having a side dish replaced by a main course and the soup replaced with a dessert.
    Eg. Wok-fried Bee Hoon, Oyster Kai Lan, Deep Fried Chicken Wing and White Fungus with Longan

    • 3 Dishes + 1 Soup customers will receive 1 Main Course, 2 Side Dishes and 1 Dessert
    • 4 Dishes customers will receive 1 Main Course and 3 Side Dishes
    • Customers who had requested for “No Combo Special” will receive 4 Side Dishes
  8. Do I have to provide my own containers for the food?

    No, there are 2 container options available to contain the food for delivery.

    • Tiffin carrier (2 Sets) – Loan to customer
    • Microwavable container – $15 (w/GST $16.05) surcharge per month
  9. Do I need to return the tiffin carriers on the next day?

    Yes, do wash and dry the tiffin carriers prior to the collection.

  10. What if I forgotten to wash the tiffin carriers?

    • Surcharge of $5 (w/GST $5.35) for unwashed tiffin carrier.
    • Surcharge of $15 (w/GST $16.05) will be levied for replacement of dirty tiffin carriers with microwavable containers.
  11. What happens if the tiffin carrier is damaged?

    Surcharge of $20 – $50 (w/GST $21.40 – $53.50) per set will be levied.


  1. When is the latest time to place and confirm my order?

    We will need 2 working days in advanced notice to confirm and collect payment for your order.

  2. When should I make payment?

    • First time or trial meal customers are to make payment via credit card before the first day of service
    • Payment must be made before the commencement of Contract period. Customer who have Contract auto renewal is to make payment 3 days prior to the new Contract period
  3. How can I make payment?

    • Cheque – To be crossed and made payable to BEST CATERING PTE LTD
      • Container number and address is to be written at the reverse side of cheque
      • Put in an envelope placing in top compartment of tiffin carrier
    • Cash – Handover to our delivery man directly
    • Credit card – Call in or fill up credit card authorisation form


  1. What does condominium surcharge mean?

    There are two options available for condominium delivery location. Customer can choose to have their meals delivered to their unit with additional surcharge of $20 or to the guard house at no additional cost. However, prearranged agreement must be made by the customer between their condominium management to ensure smooth transition.

  2. What is the delivery timing?

    • Lunch Delivery – 0930hrs to 1330hrs
    • Dinner Delivery – 1500hrs to 1900hrs

    *Specific delivery time will not be available

  3. Is your Home Meal Delivery Service island-wide?

    No, we only deliver to selected area. For more details please call 6261 1011.

  4. Is this service available every day?

    No, home meal delivery service is only available on weekdays. We do not deliver on weekends, Public Holidays, Christmas Eve, New Year Eve, 1 day before Lunar New Year Eve and Lunar New Year Eve.


  1. What should I do if I shift house (change of address) in the midst of the Contract period?

    Call us at 6261 1011 to inform on the change of address. We will process the changes within 2 working days.

  2. What is the difference between 20 days, 16 days and trial meal contract?

    • 20 Days Contract – 5 consecutive days delivery per week
    • 16 Days Contract – 4 days delivery per week
    • 10 Days Trial Contract – 10 consecutive days delivery for 2 weeks using microwavable containers
  3. Do I have to call in every month to renew my Contract?

    No, 20 Days and 16 Days Contract is on auto renewal basis unless customer call in to inform us 2 days before contract period ends.

  4. What if I had forgotten to call to terminate my Contract and it had been auto renewed?

    • Tiffin carrier collection will be chargeable at $3.00 (w/GST $3.21) per trip
    • Food delivered will be chargeable at $8.00 (w/GST $8.56) per serving per day
    • Rice delivered will be chargeable at $1.00 (w/GST $1.07) per serving per day
  5. Is the 10 Days Trial Contract on auto renewal basis?

    No, 10 Days Trial Contract will expire immediately upon completing the 10 consecutive day delivery. Customer will have to call in to start new contract.

  6. Will there be any cash refund if I want to cancel or terminate my Contract?

    No cash refund will be given for early cancellation, termination of contract when service had commenced or after payment for the contract was made.

  7. Will there be any cash refund if I skipped my meal?

    No cash will be refunded. For 20 Days Contract, skipped meal will be replaced if customer had called in to inform 1 working day in advanced before 4pm.

  8. What if a Public Holiday falls on a weekday within my Contract period?

    Meal will be replaced on the following weekday after the Contract period.